Affordable Design Houses

Living in a personal little Paradise

The future of architecture is finding a way to provide affordable houses with green gardens. This is the beginning of that vision.

Based on the experience, as a young architect who strives to create a modern world, my biggest goal is to leave something to the people.

From everyday life, came small idea but in the same time big enough to change lives and make a new style of living and thinking.

That idea came for everyone who wants to have their own house, and space where they can be safe and happy., but can’t afford it.

Nowadays prices of the real estates can’t be reached in a lifetime.

With this houses that thing is changed. You can have safe, warm , sustainable house , created for a visionaries , people who wants to have their own garden and air. Created in prefabricated materials, which is the easiest and quickest solution if you are impatient to have house on your own.
All for the price 5-10 times less than the smallest apartment in most of the European cities.

The world deserves something that will testify about past human visions and dreams, whose work and efforts are put in action.

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-This tho houses are prefabricated with exterior walls made from Euro system of Low energy houses, with the thickens of 38.6cm. They are both sustainable and can save up to 60% on energy for heating in comparison to a standard insulated building. Cube house with it’s area of 34,2 square meters, gives you closed street wood facade , that brings you into open and bright space, with a hip roof, and big glass door that merge outside garden life with interior.


Bedroom is separated from living area, with huge glass panel that gives imagination of this beautiful open space, but at night it is closed with big curtains that gives intimacy. All of the furniture is custom made, that can prosper budget by avoiding spending money on expensive designed furniture.


Rectangular house has bigger area of 38 square meters , and has this long shape, that brings you from corridor to open space of living room to the bedroom at the end, which can be psychological effect, of everyday life cycle.


Interior is bright and is different from Cube house by opening entire space to the garden , where is defined clear boundary between entrance area and living area. Here you can see who is coming and in the same time open your entire house to the wild life of your little garden in front.


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