The idea behind this design was to implement wood, concrete and glass in one space and to make it sophisticated and classy.

This is a five floors building , and each floor is designed to be one apartment.
That put a higher standards when it comes to lobby and staircase design , so my idea was to make it simple, but elegant, and with usage of this materials my idea was completed.

On the ground floor , that is presented in this renderings, there are a tiles in wood materialisation on the floor , and in this central space around straircase , also around the elevator, while the floor is paved with concrete tiles.

At the entrance , there are electrical, and other cable instalation , that was hidden with this elegant glass panel doors, separated with this metal blurry chrome stripes, that will bring some charm in the space and cut big mirror wall.

In the lobby there is a simple high gloss finish cabinet that , beside usage for a flower pot, has mailboxes, for this five apartments.
Red was architect must accent , so how to keep it fresh and alive all the time , then with a pot of red roses.

Entire luxury effect is created with canvas , very simple , painted in white and gold, that presents rich and iternal prosper.

Design of the entre in front of the each apartment is in a making.

More project yet to come.

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