““If you weren’t an optimistic, it would be impossible to be an architect

Norman Foster

Nemanja Topic, a young architect, for several years now, sets goals in his career, and with optimism reach them. After his graduation from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, four years ago, he worked on various projects for Serbian and international firms and clients, but over the last year he is focusing mainly on interior design.                            

In an interview that was created as an idea to peek into the creative world of an architect, you may read the answers to questions about attitude, personal achievements and wishes, while he is trying to create his own distinctive style. 

  • Why you have started working as an architect and interior designer in general?

I’ve always liked to draw, even as a kid I went to art school and with my father made houses out of Lego blocks. The need to create and draw remained, even later through elementary and high school, to college. Before entering college I was torn between the architecture and the Painting on Applied arts Faculty, but still made a decision for this first option. I’ve decided in favor of Architecture, because recognized painter can be someone who is an architect by profession, like Serbian famous painter Veličković.  Architecture is for me the most beautiful profession, which I does not even see as a profession, but as a daily necessity. At this moment of my career I am discovering the best in interior design. This is the area that suits me the best.

  • Few months ago, you have started working on your own. What were you doing before and how did you decide to take this step?

Yes that is correct. I finished the Faculty  four years ago, and since then I have worked in several companies, ranging from Paris to Belgrade. This experience in Paris has provided a lot of things in my life, both in the business plan, as well as privately. Later, after returning to Belgrade, I worked for two investment firms. One is French, but based in Belgrade and the other one is  doing projects in Belgrade. The idea of independence is the result from the trip to France this year, where I was inspired by young independent people who were proof that determination and persistence in the idea must result with the success. I actually always had this vision of independence, where I could dedicate myself to those things that I really want. I believe that people can not give their best when doing something that they don’t enjoy hundred percent. At the beginning of my career I have realized that interiors were something that was the most attractive to me, and the most creative, so that sparked my desire and my determination to go towards.

04-kitchenliving room

  • How would you explain your design style? Do you have a trademark in your projects?

I could not exactly define my style, because for my each project I have new inspiration. I would say that my approach is mostly tied to a classical / modern style, which it self is unsurpassed and always in fashion. In recent years, as more I am discovering myself, and clients in their needs, my style turned out to be a classic-modern combined with the touch of the avantgarde furniture. I think that this style is fully capable to suppress any kind of monotony in space and be always interesting and timeless.It’s something that I am slowly adding to my projects. Speaking on the trademark, I think it would be the artwork. The important thing  for me is that the space should be fully designed and that the walls are not “naked”, but carefully filled with paintings that complement the overall experience. It is part of the artist in me.

  • Which one of your projects is your favorite?

My favorite project is certainly a project for a penthouse in Cairo, the future home of the great young couple, who was also the most complicated to design, due to its size. The reason for this is the freedom that my clients gave me, which is the dream of every architect, and of course because of the full confidence that I have made with them. The project is ready to begun, so I hope that I will be able to  share with you and the photos of the apartment in a short period of time , and until then you can get familiar with it on my web siteliving room.

  • What colors, textures and pieces of furniture are your favorite when you design a room?

As for colors, I love them all, but it is important how they are used. In my projects, I like to use wood, whether it comes on the floor, or it is ceramic with wood imitation, pieces of furniture with fine textures and splendor of wood, I love them all. I think that wood gives warmth to any space and in this environment we all feel good.Also I love to combine wood with concrete or stone, exclusive the one with the modern design,with simple lines and tones. I’m not a fan of rustic. Until recently, I played with a gold color, which will soon appear on one building in Belgrade, both in the exterior and the interior. More and more I’m a fan of bright colors: royal blue, emerald green, vermilion red and purple, combined with dark tones, which establish some balance. When it comes to a favorite piece of furniture I believe that the details are very important and play a major role in creating the atmosphere of the room.

  • What is your dream / goal as a designer?

I think that with a good idea , all the people can make their own corner, a small personal oasis in their home or working space, which will in many ways affect their lives in a positive way. My idea is to help them in this idea, and to influence the creation of spaces that will define some standards and create awareness to people about how their working or living space can actually look like. Since I work with clients from abroad, I would like to expand my work outside the country, and to test myself in a different environment. Nowadays, in the work that I do, it is important to continuously examine new trends and be inspired by new things. I think this is important because like this we create our own style.06-bedroom

  •  What is your philosophy in business and life?

People should find what they truly love, and to constantly work on it, in order to have guaranteed success. This applies not only to work.It applies to everything. It is impossible to achieve anything, complaining and doing nothing. You must take risks. It is not a cliché, it’s really true. Fortune favors the brave!

  • Describe yourself in three words

Honest, cheerful, hard-working




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