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This project shows how small , dark interior with not enough room for all of it’s functions, became light oasis of calm and beautiful space, that fits perfectly in beauty salon activities.

At first there were four sun ten machines that were placed in separated rooms presented in slideshow BEFORE. Entire ventilation system was visible part of the interior. That was not acceptable anymore.

Clients needs to expand activity in cosmetic and make up area , required complete demolition of existing space and finding a way to fit new things in this area of 40sqm.

The idea of this transformation became possible with ellipsoid spaces that could be opened or closed . That depends on whether someone is inside this “CURTAIN CAPSULES” or not.7

All of them can be intimate or public. Entree and waiting area are public, and with easy flow in between main vertical sun ten machine capsule , you enter another open space for make up and pedicure. The other capsules are private when occupied , but public when empty.

The main thing in entire interior are Curtains. Curtains made this entire space light, bright, and interesting. Pink color of butterflies and orchids , cement wallpapers, white glossy furniture with glass flower pots, tables and mirrors, all together make this space beautiful. Famous furniture pieces like this Tulip Armless chair and table made this Beauty salon more extravagant and contemporary.

People who want to see something different , now have a chance to experience that and to be charmed with airy structure of curtain partitions .

Little effort and understanding in between client and architect is shown in this case as something that can turn the darkness into the light.

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