Zemun Hotel

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New hotel in Zemun , Belgrade , with its interesting materialization attracts attention and defines a new trend in the region , becoming a landmark events and recognition .

The hotel’s location is ideal for staying , as it is near the airport Nikola Tesla , and yet is located in Zemun , near the river , city transportation and city institutions of Zemun . The desirability of the position of objects is in the peaceful surroundings of the village, with interesting architecture , which has been under the influence of the Austro-Hungarian .

Hotel unit contains 24 units , of which 4 Deluxe . The hotel was designed with a modern approach to the interior design, with a glass wall between the bathroom and sleeping area , which contributes to the quality of stay and fluidity of space . The modern design of the hotel was transferred to the restaurant , as well as the spa . For all fans of Zemun , those who like its history , location and activities , this hotel is the perfect choice .

Construction started, 2016