Bedroom design


Small bedroom should be treated like it deserves , with the most care, because that is a place where most of us spend the most of our time relaxing and enjoying , so as it , we must try to focus on careful selection of materials , colors and shapes of wanted furniture.  This one is made for small apartment and it has only 11 m2, witch doesn’t stop me to be inspired with its simplicity. Small spaces are the one that are the most difficult , the one that needs the most of our attention. Small , but important, it made me think , what should I do with it. My first idea was light , that came from the outside , and instantly I knew , it should be warm. Warmth is achieved with wooden color materials ( wood floor is a plus) , also with soft materials , soft sheets , pillows, and headboard that is the one of the most inspiring element in this room. Also there is nightstand done in soft fabric also matching color beige. In a small spaces you should try with mirrors , that will make your room bigger visually. Green, small plant, and rugs are also a plus.

People really need to try to listen to their own ideas and needs before all , because they will live there , and will use and enjoy all of it.

If you start creating your living space JUST BE FR