Cairo dream home / Egypt / 2016

Situated in Cairo new city, this 330m2 apartment was designed to celebrate life of newlyweds and to give them warm, cozy but still sophisticated and glamorous home.
01-living-and-dinningliving and dinning area
Apartment is separated in two areas. First one is on the 5th floor, where are entree, living and dinning area with kitchen, kids room, master bedroom, family room and bathrooms.
The other part is based on roof terrace, in form of separated apartment for guests who will enjoy in open space bedroom with kitchenette and bathroom.
02-entre-and-livingliving and entrance
The first idea was to meet my clients better, to explore their daily needs, what they like, what is their inspiration and their interest, something that will help me with the scratch for something they will soon , call their home.
It was really interesting process, because their interest in modern interiors, helped me create the best idea, that in this case, with a little changes, was the first one.
03-dinningdinning area
When it comes to interior design , my understanding of it and my approach is based on two segments, clients true needs + something extravagant and chic that comes from my vision. It doesn’t matter what piece of furniture, what color or material might present that “new fresh thing”,  it is really important to give to people something really amazing and different than something they are used to. That will give them a feel that they own something special and that they live in unique place made just for them.Also when they got surprised in positive way and when their react happy and satisfied, you know that it is the right decision.


All the materials were selected over first phase of meetings where my clients had in mind what they want, so with my mixture of all this information and with my artistic freedom as an architect,  I came to this solution that is presented in this page.
One of the things that I was playing with was concrete wallpapers, wood and tropic palms ( both living placed in big flowerpots, and printed on wallpaper).
This balance and relation between concrete and wood , hard ,cold and warm materials had been in powered with greenery that in this case created fresh look of the rooms, and made this at first contemporary style more cozy and light.
06-bedroommaster bedroom07-bedroommaster bedroom
From all of the rooms in the living area , family room is a little different when it comes to color and materials. This decision came from both mine and clients need, to make something more dramatic, more colored and from my point of view oriental. At first there are more light wood tones, blue sofa with gold metal coffee table and gold parts of the tv cabinet. This way all this colors will bring more light and warmth, also they will pay tribute to the send and sky ( gold and blue) and with oriental rug placed on the weall, it will present great combination of Egyptian everyday, placed in one modern apartment.
00-living-room-2family room01-living-room-2family room02-kids-roomkids room03-kids-roomkids room04-guest-toiletguest toilet
Bathroom design is really simple, as I wanted to simplify it with basic black white and gray tones, with few decors that gives accent to the room. That accents are strong red sink cabinet in guest toilet combined with green stone wallpaper, and wood wall over toilet in main bathroom. Simple glass panels separate shower area, making entire space more reflective but still transparent, while chrome frames, taps and shower gives aditional glossiness and relection.


Uper floor apartment is made for guests and family members that might live there from time to time. It is designed like one open space area where user have combined, bedroom and living room in one place , little kitchen and closet that leads to the bathroom. This part was inspiring to create because I could play with different shapes, colors and materials that I wanted to be different than the first floor.Here the accent is on color, bright individual elements, that dominate, like orange sofa, gold chandelier, artwork, metal cabinet, palm tree green wallpaper and wood closet that both present partition and closet on the other side.Bathroom design is  again very simple, with porcelanosa concret tiles,  decorated with black metal tap, towel holder, shower and  lighting.
09-apartment-1apartment bedroom 10-apartment-bedroomapartment bedroom11-apartment-kitchenapartment kitchenette 12-apartment-closetcloset13-apartment-bathroomapartment bathroom14-apartment-bathroom
Complete design will be updated after apartment is finished,as the beginning of complete work is scheduled in the middle of November 2016.
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