Cote De Azur light house

Cote De Azur is known for its perfect turquoise water, blue skies and warm weather. All of this things came as inspiration, when I’ve started working on this small apartment renovation, where the client required exactly what I’ve mentioned , light design.

The best idea of creating space that will be suitable for renting or for young family of three/four, is achieved by demolishing existing wall that divide two rooms, and to create one big open space.


The way how this open space will be used, is given to the user, who can choose to divide space in two, or to make it open and flow. Using custom made French folding door helped with this transformation.



living room / bedroom 1

Large soft curtains, placed next to the French door will keep the privacy between the rooms, also will bring coziness and warmth to the space.
When transformed in two bedrooms, this space will provide beds for four people, two in the living room, and two in the dinning.


dinning room / bedroom 2


Kitchen is placed in a hallway, as it was required by the client.It has all of the things needed for one small family, and since the space of the bathroom is quite small, wash machine is placed in custom made cabinets, next to the sink.

Bathroom has romantic light design, with black taps, equipped with glass shower, toilet and wash basin placed on top of the vanity unit. Its walls are rustic, and its tiles are simple with stone effect.


This project inspired me to create something that will be lovely, romantic and modern, but still with a few elements that will give a vintage twist to it.

Wood floors, white brick walls, retro ceiling lights, light colors, soft and warm materials of the furniture, all of that will make this space beautiful and enjoyable to live in.