Cuba apartment redesign for a businessman

My idea was to create male environment, but also to provide warmth and sophistication. When people say male design or guys interior they think on darker, edgier surfaces and colors , because truly most of them are that way.
Here , being inspired with location of this apartment, Cuba, I wanted to lighten up interior , but in the same time, to make it a little rough and with an attitude. 000000000001I’ve started with living area, where I’ve demolished two walls, how could I make a bigger kitchen, and in the same time, I got bigger space of the living area, where the user could enjoy its time and prepare some amazing cocktails as he have mentioned, on the open kitchen top.

In entire living area, I’ve placed new tiles, lighter, over the old one. It is simple technique and with a little effort, living area might be brighter and modern, because new tiles will provide that gloss effect and are not expensive for the budget.
Modern and minimalist effect was achieved with simple lines of the furniture, with combination of soft textile and hard wood, mdf in a middle glossy effect and with curtains and carpet in darker and cooler colors.
Main colors are beige and white, for the most of the sitting furniture and walls, then ink blue with gray, and then as an effect color I’ve decided to go with light yellow, that will bring some freshness inside the space.
When it comes to details there are mostly some artworks, paintings, graphics and statue, that will make this space more serious, but in the same time cozy, and personal.
The drawings that resemble cubist style, present minimalist in design on the walls. and in the same time , its lack of color is the one that brings to the simplicity and richness in the same time.
0001Moving to the bedroom and study, the floor stays the same, only difference is that over the existing tiles it comes carpet, over entire area. This way those rooms will be more softer, and comfortable.
Blue is main color again, this time in study with carpet and pillows, and in bedroom with textile headboard and pillows also.
Bedroom was really interesting to make, because, it is small, and still there has to be enough space for everything. This made me do, side mirror walls, on each side of the bed, how you could have feeling of a bigger space, and with a modern plastic black chair, this space got its ultra modern vibe.01

Geometry was translated into the bathroom also, where there is a new shower with new sanitary ware and new tiles. This tiles are 120×120 cm and with only 4 huge tiles on two parallel walls , bathroom will be different and will have this richness in smooth semi reflection. It will be interesting to spend time there, and to use bathroom and most of all, a brend new rain shower.

I’ve uploaded everything that matters when it comes to interior design of the flat, so you can see all the furniture, flooring, lightning and wall elements that was inspiring to me , and that helped me in creation this kind of apartment who has a lot of potential.