Kids bedroom / Wanna play?


Kids’ bedroom ideas. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave or magical as you want.

Inspiration for this girlish but yet classy room was to create four different spaces , that will separate entire room into zones: entrance, mountain wall-play zone, study area and sleeping area. It was made with curly ceiling that translated its shape to the floor, changing areas in a very easy and fluid dynamic. Sleeping area is located beside big window, that will bring fresh morning light into the room and the sleeping beauty. Gooses flying from the ceiling represent romantic beautiful motive that will bring fantasy into the space and bring on some imagination and inspiration. Small house boxes/shelves in the same area will be perfect interior touch for this little girl, as they will provide enough place for the books, closest dolls and toys.


Working area is defined with central table, and hidden “funny” table that can be a picture, when it is closed , and real working desk when opened. In continue there is mountain painted wall, with strong clean colors, as the clients insisted on them, representing mountain, birds, sky…There I’ve created kids climbing area, that will inspire them to be more adventures, living, fierce, brave… In that area, they can also play on the floor,  be funny, as this area is the biggest in the room.

Kids can bring up some joy and happiness that we have to nurture and keep safe, and the best way to start that is from their home, it doesn’t matter do you have a lot of not, small accents and innocence as they are growing can’t cost a thing.

Let the fun begin…